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Sample Decisions

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How it works:

All disputes decided in 24-hours
  • Click either the "A-la-carte" (one-time) or full-season button to make the payment for Fantasy Sports Judge. Trophy customers receive one free judgement with every purchase.

    After your payment is processed, you'll be given a special e-mail address to send your dispute for mediation. Submit a concise description of your dispute.  If the Dispute is complicated, state what remedy you are seeking. Our group of Judges will rule on your case within 24-hours.

  • Please include the email address of the other person (owner) in the dispute.

  • The other person in the dispute has the opportunity to send their version of the dispute or any arguments that support their position. Please provide the other party with the special e-mail address so that they can submit their side.  

  • The judge's decision is final.

  • Fantasy Judge will e-mail a written decision simultaneously to both parties involved.