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Fantasy Sports Judge

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It is bound to happen… you and some buddies have started your own fantasy football league and everyone is knee deep in draft strategy, trades, smack talk and lineup changes when something happens that divides the league. Some coaches feel strongly that they are right, while another side feels the same way. There are a few stuck in the middle that just want to play fantasy football… wondering what the big deal is anyhow.

This used to be a huge problem that sometimes would end in someone leaving the league. Maybe a huge rule change that scared off coaches for years to come… or maybe it just left a bad taste in your league’s mouth that no one has been able to forget.

This is a problem of the past...

Say hello to the Fantasy Sports Judge.

Fantasy Sports Judge is a solution to league arguments that need an outside mediator to deem the situation acceptable or downright dirty. No biased opinions based on friendships or special treatment (because he’s your boss)… just honest assessments from a panel of 3 fantasy sports experts. What more could you ask for?



If you run a fantasy football league of your own, you know that the most important part of running a league is INTEGRITY. Offering this service to your fellow fantasy football coaches ensures that you will uphold the integrity of the league. If your league is not fair, you will have a hard time filling it every year with solid, competitive & fun loving coaches. Fantasy Sports Judge makes this easy and affordable – while bringing something totally unique (and long overdue) to the fantasy world.

All trophy customers recieve one free fantasy judgement. All non-customers can purchase a ruling from the Fantasy Sports Judge for just $9.95 per dispute.

Just click the "Subscribe" button below and you'll be given a special e-mail address to send your dispute to after you pay the $9.95 fee. Fantasy Football and Fantasy Baseball leagues can purchase one-time, entire- season plans that give them unlimited access per season for one price.

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