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Fantasy Football Payments

Fantasy Payments

Powerd by Pay It Square, Fantasy Payments allows leagues to collect league fees in one safe place.

No waiting for payments to be made when "you see me", all league members can make payments to a central location via the internet and that money will be kept save until it is awarded to the league champion at the end of the season.

Fantasy Payments has two types of users: “League Managers” and “team owners”.

League Managers sign there leagues up while Team Owners are then invited by the League Manager to make a payment for the season.

Fantasy Payments will charge one of two fee schedules:

Tacking on a $0.99 charge to payments made by Team Owners


Charging the “League Manager” 1% of each payment

The League Manager decides which fee schedule they would like.


You will be transfered to PayItSquare's website to complete transation.